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Star Trek Halloween 2010

Apr.17, 2014, under Science Fiction


Star Trek Captain Kirk Baby

A friend gave us the Star Trek onesie as a gift for our son. Naturally, when Halloween arrived later that year…. the only natural thing to do was dress our son up as Captain Kirk.

Since then, I have introduced him to both Star Trek the original series as well as Star Trek the Next Generation. He loves the spaceships.

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Arduino Red Boards…waiting patiently

Apr.15, 2014, under Computers


sparkfun Logo
sparkfun redboard

Saturday March 29th, was Arduino’s birthday. In celebration,  Sparkfun decided to sell their awesome Redboards for only $9 (U.S.) each. I happened to be on vacation that day, but luckily I looked at Facebook and a friend tagged me in a mention of this event. I quickly got on my iPad and ordered 2 of them. I guess the response was slightly overwhelming. Sparkfun has stopped selling them until they can get caught up on the backorder. So now….it’s just wait. They have been awesome in updating their customers to let them know that it’s going slow, but it is indeed going. For $9 each, I’m willing to wait. I didn’t have anything specific in mind anyway.

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Welcome to GeekDaddy

Apr.15, 2014, under General Geekiness


Welcome to GeekDaddy. I’ve been wanting to get this started since my son was born, but having a baby takes up a lot of your free time. I’m a stay at home dad raising my son during the week. I will start to post about the science fiction and other geeky adventures my son and I have together. Please stay tuned!

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